Monday, May 31, 2004

New Link

Just wanted you all to see the new link I posted to a fellow blogger in the baseball blogosphere, Talking Baseball. Apparently it's run by some fellow Batesies and it's a pretty intelligent, interesting site.

Makes me think of that song, "Talking Baseball," of course:

"the scooter, the barber and the nuke
they knew 'em all from boston to debuke
especially willy, mickey and the duke."

Sunday, May 30, 2004

the Walking Wounded

Anyone in the Rhode Island area might want to think about checking out a PawSox game tonight, even if you don't usually follow minor-league baseball. A certain mister Nomar Garciaparra is making his first rehab start there tonight, to be followed by a game tomorrow and then a re-evaluation before possibly joining the (Pawtucket) team on Thursday in Ohio. This Globe Article touches on that rehab as well as a little bit on each of the other wounded players on the Red Sox.

Touching briefly upon these other injured, I will mention that Trot should be starting for single-A Sarasota and working his way up the minor league system on his way back to the Boston team. I am hoping this means he'll stop by my hometown team, the Portland Seadogs (AA) on his way, so I can spend about $6 to see him from about twenty feet away. ...Then Ellis Burks seems to be improving, but there seems no certain answer about exactly when he'll be back. They're thinking maybe a couple of weeks. ...Bill Mueller will be at least 6 weeks before he returns, and Francona assures the media that there won't be a takeover a la Brady-for-Bledsoe; when he returns he's starting at third. ... Finally, Mister Williamson is going to be supervised by Senior Pitching Advisor Cloninger while he pitches a bit and tests out his injured elbow.

I am always depressed after a couple of losses, but I should say, if we've made it this far being so hurt... there is no telling how amazing we'll be once every player is in working order.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Fenway Firsthand

For the first time in a year, I saw a live Sox game, and for the first time in two it was at Fenway. I think I chose a good night: the weather was terrible and I didn't have reserve seats (and I was with 5 friends who, however great people, are not quite as Sox-obsessed as me), but the game itself was awesome. I got to see the 12-2 rout of the As, complete with a solid Curt pitching and a powerful offense.
*Bellhorn just a triple short of the cycle
*Manny's monster shot.
*The homerun that bounced Off the rf pole (but counted!)
*Ortiz, Damon, 'Tek and Pokey all having awesome nights
*The way the crowd cheers "Yankees suck" for no particular reason
*Chanting "Hudson" to get the guy out of the game. As if the offense didn't do enough to get him out in the first place.
*Screaming "yooouuuuk" whenever Youkilis got up to bat. Sort of reminded me of "Louuuu"
*Getting really amazing seats near the dugout after people (bah, "fans") started leaving in the seventh inning
*Everyone cheering for Andy Dominique in his first ML at bat. the crowd went wild.
*Standing up for the final out of the night and hearing "Dirty Water" come on...

I will not wait so long to go back, even if it renders me broke...

Saturday, May 22, 2004

News Update:

For those of you who have fallen off the face of the earth and returned only to read my blog:

*Ortiz has just been signed to a two year contract with a team option for the third year. The guarenteed value is $12.5 million. I think this is a strong signing for the team; Ortizzle is 28 and likely entering his prime, and even if he plateaus for a few years he is valueble at this money. I don't think it represents a "hometown discount" but I do think it's reasonable.

*Williamson is on the DL and they're hoping he'll be back as early as June 4th. I'm starting to get really worried by how many of our Sox have been placed on the DL, but we can just hope that SWilly's injury is minor and that he's able to recover quickly.

*Manny is the KING and he has proven this by hitting homeruns in the nick of time the last two games. Whoever kept saying that he only hits when we no longer need runs clearly was not envisioning games like our last two against the devil rays.

*Mueller is still out, but they're saying that he shouldn't require a DL stint. Don't get me wrong, Youks is a player with a strong "upside" potential, but I do think that he needs one more year in the minors in order to realize this potential for the Sox. I'm hoping that the Sox get Mueller back soon - and for that matter, it would be wonderful if MUELLER got his bat from last year back, while we're at it...

I'm seeing Schilling and the Sox take on the Oakland A's on Tuesday, live. I haven't seen the Sox in two years.

You can imagine my state of mind.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A Perfect Game for the Big Unit...

Randy Johnson threw a perfect game last night against the Braves. His box score ended up at 13 strikeouts, too.

Here's one person glad to have him on her otherwise-crappy fantasy team =D

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Greek God of....

Walks? ...Kevin Youkilis, dubbed "the greek god of walks" by the smash-hit "Moneyball," just smashed a few hits himself in his first ever major league game. He's here either to display him as trade-bait or merely to cover for the ailing Mueller (we sent Malaska down to give him room), but who'd've thunk that he'd hit a home run in his second at-bat and follow it up by a single? Color me surprised.
And pleased. Can't forget to mention that.

Hopefully Mueller's injury is really just what they're calling it, a slightly inflamed knee that would be aggrivated by the turf. The last thing we need is another Nomar situation - where a short rest turns into a few weeks' rest turns into likely two months without the star shortstop - or third-baseman, as the case may be.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Logic and Stats

Well, Kim's officially out of the starting rotation for a while, and Jamie Brown has been called up. This rather "heartwarming" story tells about that and just how Brown felt to get called up. Fine. I hope that translates into lots of strike outs, as projected.

I sound like a hardass. In truth, I'm a sucker for the human side of this game. I just have to keep reminding myself not to be. At least not in a world dominated by sabermetric minds and statisticians. Who, as it turns out, seem to be right most of the time.

I always hated Kim, but I have to play devil's advocate here and say he might come back stellar from AAA later in the season - just to keep me from believing in instinct. And because, heck, pitching is what is winning us most of these games. I am no fan of the "intangibles" argument - but I'm not a fan of most of the counterarguments either.

You can turn almost anything into logic and stats, of course. I could find you a statistic with appropriate endpoints and comparisons to "prove" that Brown will be like his namesake on the Yankees - or that he'll be worse than the man he's replacing. The truth is, you don't know: and that's why sabermaticians and instinctive fans alike love the gambling game of baseball.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Momentum issues?

It's been awhile. I apologize. A lot of things have kept me busy and distracted. But the Sox! I'm curious if the entire year will be such a rollercoaster: six wins, five losses, four wins, now two losses... I know this is a dreaded intangible, but I'm curious about the psychological effect of "momentum" on our team. It seems to me that it might be easier to win with the adrenaline, optimism, and positive energy of a win, and easier to lose with the negative feelings of a loss weighing your team down. I don't think most teams are like that, and this might be a fluke, but it will be something interesting to follow all year.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

We're Always Involved in a Sweep...

...and this time it was not to our advantage. Enough said. Our offense is still paltry, and at this point RSN is waiting on the edge of its seat for the return of Trot and Nomar, hoping that either of them might jumpstart our bats to life.

Enough said, really.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Count Me As One Not Scared

It's not that I trust the gms and owners of this world implicitly. It's not that I underrate our ace. But I must say I'm not as scared as most of the Sox Nation seems to be about Pedro's decision to test the market. Why? Because as much as I love Pedro and really want him on our team next year, I don't think we should overpay him or grant him more than three years just to keep New York from talking to him. I think it is still possible we could sign him to a contract in the way we signed Keith Foulke, though I think it's wise to see his performance this year anyhow.

Of course, he leveled quite a few "low" accusations. I don't like his railing on the approach of the management to the others in contract years. He might be right, in which case it makes me uncomfortable about the approaches Theo and co. are employing -but his speaking out like that makes me unhappy with his attitude.

In other free-agent-potentials news, it appears Ortiz may not be THAT close to signing an extension - though this article doesn't entirely rule it out.

Finally, our bullpen is no longer carrying its scoreless streak. It makes sense it's against hardhitting Texas that we lost it, though. I just hope we don't lose this game.

Be it free agency, personal records, and anything else in the world of baseball, everything pales in comparison with the almighty W - like it or not.

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